Ben and Pat's visit
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Friday July 2

Ben and Pat arrived, tired but happy, at Arlanda International Airport in Stockholm one hour later then expected.
From Arlanda north of Stockholm we drove to downtown Stockholm. Unfortunately we had rain.
We took a small tour and visited the Old Town and could see the Royal Castle and the place were changing of the guards usually take place.
We drove on to Fjällgatan where we, in spite of the weather, could have a nice view over Stockholm.
After leaving Stockholm we went to a small city south east of Stockholm - Trosa. We walked thru the little town close to the Baltic See. Finally the sun got out of the clouds and we had lunch at Restaurant Fyren - the Lighthouse - in the harbour of Trosa.
Later in the afternoon we ended up in our home. Some of us had taken a little nap in the car :-)
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Saturday July 3,

After a good nights sleep and a slow start Lars and Ben went to the Airforce museum. Pat and Monica stayed home. Pat worked on her diary and Monica made preparation for the barbecue with some of the neighbours.
It was a day with both rain and sunshine. While the sun was shining we made a quick trip downtown to see the Cathedral and a little bit of Linköping center. During the evening we had a nice barbecue with the neighbours.
Ben and Pat are quickly adjusting to our timezone and are doing great and having fun.
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Sunday July 4,
The day started with a visit in Bertil Lindhe's workshop. He is a very talented neighbour. He is doing wood carvings and designing forms for glass works.
After the visit we headed for Göta Canal, which with its 58 locks and 47 bridges, runs from Mem on the Baltic Sea to Sjötorp at Lake Vänern. Together with other canals it helps create “Sweden's Blue Ribbon” and connects Stockholm and Gothenburg by water. We were lucky to see some boots passing thruogh the locks in Berg, north of Linköping.
We later drove to the Kinda area south of Linköping. Kinda is located where the plains of Östergötland meet the highlands of Småland. This is an area of large forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. Already 5 000 years ago people decided that this was a good place to settle. The remains of these old settlements are visible through burial grounds, ancient fortifications, fields and meadows.
Back home in the evening we packed for our trip to Dalsland.
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Monday July 5,

In the morning we left for Dalsland. We drove along the Lake Vättern into the idyllic town of Gränna. Gränna "polkagrisar" - peppermint rocks - are one of Sweden's most popular souvenirs. In the Evening we arrived at Dagsholm Hostel were we installed ourselves and then went to Gustavsberg, in southern Uddevalla, for a sandwich and a cup of coffea.
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Gränna peppermint rocks

Tuesday July 6,

This day we were going to find out were Pat's grandfather was born. We searched for Hamnekärr in Erikstad parish, where he was born and lived his first years. We talked to a couple of local people who helped us. The farm Hamnekärr was no more, but all information we got indicated the same place were it once was. There are now fields that are still called Hamnekärr and an old mile stone indicating that there had been a road and houses. After we had taken some pictures we went to Grínstad and Jakobsbyn area where her grandfather grew up. We ended that part of our tour at the lighthouse at Hjortens udde looking at the Lake Vänern.
I later found a historical map and now I know for sure that we were on the right place where the farm Hamnekärr earlier had been situated.
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Map 1858
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Lake Vänern
We continued our trip and went to Håverud. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Dalsland is the aqueduct in Håverud, dating from 1868. It is still perfectly intact, and not a single one of its 33,000 original rivets has been replaced. Next stop was was to see rock carvings at Tisselskog. The rock carving are from the bronze age ca 1500 - 500 years B.C.
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Wednesday July 7,

After two nights we left Dagsholm and drove to the west coast. We saw many beautiful places along the shores.
We arrived at Stenvik at noon to have lunch and meet with Ruby and her youngest daughter with family. We later left Stenvik and drove to Kungälv passing the Islands Orust and Tjörn.
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Kungälv fortress
Thursday July 8,
Back to Linköping. We started the day in Gothenburg looking at the harbor from where Pat's grandfather once left Sweden. We drove on to Tidaholm to see Lars' family and made a stop in Alingsås to visit Lars' relative Ingrid Hallqvist. We also did some shopping :-) After having coffea twice this day we ended up in Mac Donalds in Mjölby for a hamburger. After arriving home Ben moved the lawn, Lars watered the flowers and Monica started the "laundry project". Pat tried hard to figure out where we had been and which relatives we have met :-)
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Inger, Pat and Per

Friday July 9,

Laundry, packing and RESTING!

Saturday July 10,

To Ronneby and Karlskrona via Småland and the Glassfactories.
On a rainy day we drove to Växjö in Småland to see the exhibition "The Dream of America" at The Swedish Emigrant Institute. The backbone of the permanent exhibits is called "The Dream of America", with pictures, models, statistics, sound recordings and artifacts that reflect the background, cause and result of Swedish emigration to America.

We drove on to Kosta and looked at all the glass in the Glass factory.
Later we arrived in Karlskrona and had supper at Karl-Erik and Gertrud. Pat and Ben stayed in a guest apartment in the house where they lived.
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Sunday July 11,

Members of the family in Karlskrona/Ronneby took care of Pat and Ben. Before they went for a sight-seeing in Ronneby they went to see the Marinmuseum. In the afternoon all the family came to Pat's second cousin Karin and her husband Håkan's house at Aspan in the Ronneby archipelago. It was rainy - I am sorry that I did not take photos, but Ben did :-)

images/stumholmen.jpg (40594 byte)
Pat and Ben lived in the white house to the right

Monday July 12,

Pat's second cousin Gunnar took them out for a tour in Karlskrona and the surroundings. In the evening they had supper at Pat's second cousin Lena's house.

Tuesday July 13,

Karin and Håkan, Lars and I went together with Ben and Pat to Kalmar and the Island of Öland.
First we went to see the Kalmar castle and later went over the Öland bridge.
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Kalmar with the Öland bridge

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Wednesday July 14,

The time has come to leave Sweden. We went from Karlskrona in the morning and arrived after long and rainy drive to Bergen in Germany where we spent the night. We drove over the Öresund bridge and went by the ferry from Rödby in Denmark to Puttgarden in Germany.
We met with our neighbours Bertil and Lilian - who was going to join us - in northen Germany.
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Thursday July 15,
Another long drive this day! From Bergen in northen Germany to Briedern in the Moselle valley.
But first we visited the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site and the beautiful city Celle.
Thousands died from planned starvation and epidemics at Bergen-Belsen, which is without food, heat, medicine, or elementary sanitary conditions. 
Bergen-Belsen is the place where the jewish girl Anne Frank died... After being betrayed to the Nazis, Anne, her family, and the others living with them were arrested and deported to Nazi concentration camps. In March of 1945, nine months after she was arrested, Anne Frank died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen. She was fifteen years old.
Her diary, saved during the war by one of the family’s helpers, Miep Gies, was first published in 1947. Today, her diary has been translated into 67 languages and is one of the most widely read books in the world.

Not much to say - the horror hits you!
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Anne Frank

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Friday July 16,
No long drive today - just a short one to Zell and in the surroundings. We walked in the beautiful little city of Zell.
Pat did some shopping. Yes... later they bought a new suitcase ;-)
We spent the evening on Pat and Ben's terrace and had a real nice evening together.
Bertil gave them a viking as a gift. He had carved the viking especially for them.
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Saturday July 17,
We headed for the Rhein River. First we went to Deutsches Eck - the German corner - in Koblenz where the river Rhein and the river Moselle merge. We also went to the cliff called Loreley. Loreley was a maiden who threw herself into the Rhine and was transformed into a beautiful siren whose enchanting and echoing song can be heard luring boatmen to their deaths against the cliff.

images/KoblenzTotale.jpg (64110 byte)
Deutsches Eck

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Sunday July 18,
A drive around to look at some of the georgeus places along the river Mosel. We also visited Maria Bartsch in her wine celler and tested and bought some wine. This was the last day we had together and we had a nice "party" on Ben and Pat's terrace. We laughed a lot, wiped our eyes - even the sky was crying - when it started to drizzle...
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Monday July 19,

Car rental and off for their own excursions!
We managed to change the pick up place for their rental car from Bonn to Hahn, which was closer to where we were and a better place to start from. We drove ahead of them until they were on the right Autobahn to Holland. We said "Auf Wiedersehn" - until we meet again - with huge hugs and wet eyes we left them on their own.
And we do miss them...
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